Sky Parra is an emerging portrait and figuration painter based in Brisbane, Australia. Working predominantly on a large scale, Parra uses a gestural impasto application to render naturalistic depictions of her subjects. Each gesture, deliberate and charged, is juxtaposed against raw, undeveloped areas of canvas to expose and emphasise the boldness and agency of the paint resting on the surface. It is at the intersection of expansive empty space and the material scape that the viewer is confronted with the multi-dimensionality of the subject, evoking a sense of reflection, quietude and empathy.  Parra uses paint’s materiality and the language of photography to create snapshots that isolate and hold moments – suspended in time.  With every mark, she reveals how the moment captured is endured on different timelines. For the subject the moment is fleeting, for the painter it is savoured, but it is the viewer who consumes the durations at once and at their leisure. Absorbing the complexities of her subject and herself, the works do not pose as reality, but own their untruth – making visible their fabrication. Parra acknowledges the works as love letters – steeped in romantisation, sent out to the world to elicit a moment of intimacy and pause. Parra is currently exploring her practice through the Bachelor of Fine Art program at the Queensland College of Art.