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Raised by the state and wrongly imprisoned for murder in 1984, Derek Bromley has lived only 45 days free in his adult life. Convicted on the basis of fundamentally flawed evidence, this is the only case in Australia where the prosecution has publicly stated that it will not comply with its legal duties.

Why is Bromley still incarcerated?

As part of portrait project DENIED, this mural – in collaboration with the Brisbane Street Art Festival, aims to raise awareness of our nationally urgent need for an independent Corruption and Crime Commission.

More About Bromley

Bromley is a proud Ngarrindjeri/Narrunga man, a member of the Stolen Generation, and presently incarcerated for murder – serving nearly 40 years. At his appeal in 2018, eight of the country's leading experts said that the evidence at his trial was fundamentally flawed. Before his trial, the state had already publicly declared the chief forensic witness, Dr Colin Manock, incompetent and unqualified. The duty of disclosure requires the Crown prosecution to inform the court of any such problems, however, they have failed to do so. The judges who refused him leave to appeal clearly neglected to ensure equality before the law. His initial non-parole period of 24 years was manifestly excessive. Currently pursuing a further appeal to the High Court. When his conviction is overturned – as it must be, Bromley will be the longest-serving prisoner to be exonerated in Australia's history.

Mural Location

Queen Street Mall 136 Queen Street, Brisbane

11-21 May

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